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Latest News

Latest News

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Show &Tell / April 2017

Special Show&Tell: Eastern 

Cheeky Chicks - Ti Seymour

Cheeky Chicks
By Ti Seymour

This family of chickens was self inspired, mum and 3 offspring and is an original.  Loretta Moore helped with aspects of design and colour planning after a fun stay at her home.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Show &Tell / April -June 2017

About Birds!

Ti Seymour
Blue-jay Cushion and Squirrel Footstool by Ti Seymour

Blue-jay Cushion
Ti Seymour

Our cottage in the Laurentians sits amongst the Birch, Cedar and Maple trees which are abundant with life.  I wanted to complement some furniture in the cottage with life from the trees.  Bluejays regularly visit the feeder and have to share this with the resident squirrels too.  Hence the footstool close by.

Denise Morissette
Bird and Fruit by Denise Morissette

Bird and Fruit
Denise Morissette

A picture of a Two-tone Swallow was my inspiration for a sculpted bird representation. I used wool cut no 6 and no 3.  The rug size is 16 X 17 inches.

Jeanne Osler
Chickadee by Jeanne Osler

Jeanne Osler

This is one of the first courses  I took as a beginner.  Joan Boyle was the teacher and a group  from BHCG  went to Brockville.  

Carolyn Ells
Fledgling Eagle at MacNab Cemetery  by Carolyn Ells 

Fledgling Eagle at MacNab Cemetery
Designed and hooked by Carolyn Ells in 2012.

I took a photograph of this young eagle shortly after it fledged from its nest. It was perched on a headstone at MacNab Cemetery in Nova Scotia. Jon Ciemiewicz guided me in adapting the bird image to rug hooking. The finished mat hangs at our family cottage just a few steps away from the cemetery.

April Fool's Day

Poisson d'Avril / April Fools' Day

Poisson d'avril
April Fool's Day- Illustration: Maria Romero

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Hook-In

Spring Day & Happiness Day Hook-in

We have such a wonderful, talented group! Yesterday was the first day of Spring and Happiness Day. We celebrated and made over 60 snippet pouches.

Snippet Pouches

Show&Tell / March 2017

Special Show&Tell: Spring

Spring - Lois Morris

By Lois Morris

I designed this rug in 1990 .  It's called "Spring"  my daughter Susan has it in her bathroom. I like designs that go out in the border.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Thank you LCA!

Le Coin Artisanal

For the past several years Le Coin Artisanal has hosted our Saturday Hook-Ins. Sadly they are closing their doors this month but we couldn't let them go without a proper send off! 
Kathy & Paola we will miss you!!

Thank you Kathy and Paola!

Mary created this original and delicious cake!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Show & Tell / February 14th, 2017

Special Show & Tell : St. Valentine's Day

Jim's Doodle by Claire Fradette

Jim’s Doodle 

By Claire Fradette

This little rug was designed by my husband in 2005. I thought he was just getting in my business and put it aside. He passed in 2007. In 2016 Judith Dallegret was giving a class in scrappy rugs, it was time to pull out the little design.  I gave this rug to my daughter on her wedding day,  with the annotation "designed by Dad and hooked by Mom".

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Advanced Class with Lois Morris

Advanced Rug Hooking Class with Lois Morris

October-November 2016

By Rosemary Hudson

Lois Morris's teaches Alternative Fibre and Techniques . These are her students and beautiful results!

Seven fancy stitches were taught and expected to be included in the chosen pattern of each student:
Aztec, Basket Weaving, Chain, Chevron, Popcorn, Thatch, Turkey.

Here is a sampling of comments on or by students taking the course:

  • Andrée Lapensée:  Our 'fast hooker' carved the turkey with hilarious results.
Andrée Lapensée

  • Juliet Davies:  had her piece chained to the wall in no time at all, as well as taking time out for a South African safari.
Juliet Davies

  • Fay Louch:  in stitches, sailed away ahead of us and placed her chevron in one of her sails - a classy look. 
Fay Louch

  • Deborah:  made no drunken weaving stitch on her exclusive geometric pattern.

  • Rosemary:  As for her 'Nefertiti' design with ultra red lips, false gold head dress with the popcorn stitch, she endeavored to show her as not to appear in any way a hooker.


Here is another but old stitch prompted by Lois which was necessarily included - the PULL OUT.  

Following this course, the students’ goal for the immediate future is to settle down and do the obvious, look into our baskets and do the finishing.  Joking aside, we tremendously enjoyed the lessons and the camaraderie between teacher and fellow students. We now want to take part in a real way to the hook-ins in 2017.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Show & Tell/ January 28th, 2017


2017, Year of the Rooster 

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2017 is the year of Rooster (January 28th, 2017 - February 15th, 2018)

White Rooster. Hooker Unknown.

White Rooster

This White Rooster was purchased from an antique dealer in Montreal. It is hooked on burlap backing with factory-dyed nylons and stretchy “house dress” fabrics of 1960s early 1970s. Collection of Carolyn Ells. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Show & Tell / January 2017


Celebrating Happy Mew Year for Cats Day©, a Holiday created by Thomas & Ruth Roy, from Wellcat.com

For more Funny Days consult Days of the Year

Tiger Cat

Hooked by Dawna Matthew
Size: 30” X 27”
Cut: 8.5 wool

Main pattern from Green Mountain Hooked Rugs with background details added.
Begun with Susie Stephenson at Green Mountain Rug School, June 2014

This was the first rug I did in a wide cut and it was supposed to be more of a “primitive” style. I must admit that I am not drawn to animals drawn in the truly primitive way nor am I attracted to the subdued colours that are often found in these rugs. Tiger Cat was started in a “Folk Art Techniques and Fibres” workshop with Susie Stephenson at Green Mountain Rug School in 2014. As you can see, my preference for bright, cheerful colours took over! Susie’s workshop was great fun and she encouraged us to experiment with different materials. The original pattern from Green Mountain Hooked Rugs only had the cat in the center and it was fun incorporating different techniques in his surroundings.

Tiger Cat, Green Mountain's Pattern Hooked by Dawna Matthew


Original Design by Isabelle Rollin
Size: 15”X 52”

This is the cat who shared our lives. I hooked her full-scale. She used to enjoy being in the garden after a summer rain.

Popounne, Original by Isabelle Rollin

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Show & Tell / January - March 2017

Show & Tell: Repetition!

Repetition is not boring at all!
By Maria Romero

Repetition refers to an element which is recurrent, and the reiteration can be done with the same item or its variations.
Repetition is very useful to create rhythm and patterns!

In Isabelle Rollin's rug, a repeated floral motif  generates a radial composition.

In Judith Dallegret's rug, the repetition of teapot shape variations creates a linear rhythm.

In Sally Perodeau's rug,  contrast, sequentiality and randomness are the key. At the center of the piece, an elephant's contour is repeated. Then, this radial composition is surrounded  by colored variations of the same animal, but in different perspectives, positions and scales.

In Lorayne Charenko's and in Claire Fradette's rugs, a repeated motif is used with variations of color, size and position or orientation, but in order to obtain two different effects. The composition principle  in Charenko's  airy piece is simplicity, in opposition to Claire Fradette's overlapped flowers, wich is complexity.

Isabelle Rollin
Chair Pad By Isabelle Rollin

Chair Pad
By Isabelle Rollin

A result of working with limited shapes and colors, in a beginner's class. Designed and hooked by Isabelle Rollin.

Judith Dallegret
Teapot Rug By Judith Dallegret

Teapot as inspiration
The inspiration
Teapot Rug
By Judith Dallegret

My Teapot rug was inspired by a favourite teapot that my grandfather bought and loved as I do also. It is in the top row center of my rug  . .. slightly adapted. I then added other imaginary geometrically decorated teapots to be surrounded by an elaborate border.

At the time of designing the rug, I was taking a class with Jule Marie Smith at Green Mountain Rug School. Then, as I was hooking the rug, it was to be in the exhibition at the Shelburne Museum annual rug show. The subject for the challenge that year was ''In the garden’’. So, I did the background of teapots in a grassy green and dedicated the rug to my whimsy cousin whose garden in Nova Scotia is full of teapots! This is how one thing led to another.

Sally Perodeau
Elephants At Play by Sally Perodeau

Elephants At Play
By Sally Perodeau

I like elephants and I prefer to hook the oriental way. The background is a selection of “worms’  that I had, and the border was hooked with variegated string from the local wool shop. This, I can recommend as it is easy to use, and very little thought is needed while working as the colours usually blend well together and I thought it did show off the elephants in the middle of the rug.

Lorayne Charenko
Flying Free By Loraine Charenko

Flying Free
By Lorayne Charenko

At a course given by Lois Morris we were given patterns of shapes and  from these shapes we were to design a hooking piece. The shape I chose seemed to look like a bird.  I started hooking one bird and gradually Flying Free came alive. The background was done in reverse hooking and I think it shows off the birds.  I did my own dyeing.  I really enjoyed this course.

Claire Fradette
The Yellow Flowers, Hooked By Claire Fradette

The Yellow Flowers
By Claire Fradette

I got the rug at an auction. A few flowers were already done, so I finished it with recycled wool. The background is done with a kilt skirt.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

OHCG Newsletter / In the News

Ontario Hooking Craft Guild - Reports by Branch
Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild (Area 1)
This is the Quarterly Activities Report published in the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild Newsletter.

Click to enlarge.

Ontario Newsletter - Issue No. 4, 2016

By Dawna Matthew

Just browsing through my latest issue of the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild publication and what do I see inside the front cover? Jacques’ rug, “The Beaver”! What a nice surprise! You can also see BHCG on the back cover, with projects from classes with Doug Rankin and Janet Connor. Plus our two lovely young ladies who participated in our Arts Alive Quebec workshop.

So nice to see the guild getting recognition!

OHCG Newsletter, Issue 4, Winter 2016, Cover Page

OHCG Newsletter, Issue 4, Winter 2016, Back of Cover Page - The Beaver, Original Design by Jacques Lepage

OHCG Newsletter, Issue 4, Winter 2016, Page 10

OHCG Newsletter, Issue 4, Winter 2016, Back Cover.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Xmas Card

Happy Holidays!

Snowman by Carolyn Ells; Xmas Tree by Ti Seymour; Illustration by Maria Romero

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Show & Tell / December 2016

Xmas Special !

Here you have some hooked pieces you can offer as Xmas gifts!

Try other techniques as 3D Hooking or Punch Needle, or surprise everyone with a hooked picture frame, a sac or a welcome mat!

3D Xmas Tree by Ti Seymour

Christmas ornaments
By Ti Seymour

The Christmas Tree was a kit purchased from Loretta Moore at https://hookedonthelake.wordpress.com/online-store/
Loretta's palette of primitive colours are divine! The base of the tree was a gift from members of the West Island Woodturners, two of whom came for an Introductory Rug Hooking Class. Such fun trying each other's favourite pastimes. I had the pleasure of trying woodturning and produced a small bowl - a lathe was on my wish list for a short while.

Xmas ornaments by Ti Seymour

These are pieces that I made for one of our December Intro Workshops. The ornaments were later hung on our Christmas tree at the Beaconsfield Library.

Snowman by Carolyn Ells

By Carolyn Ells

This 3-dimensional snowman stands 10.5 inches high, 5 inches at its base. It is hooked with wool fabric on Monk’s Cloth and stuffed with leftover wool snipits. It was hooked by Carolyn Ells in 2012, from a kit by Loretta Moore. Carolyn purchased the kit at Joy's legacy auction and hooked it with joy.

Miniature Rugs by Carolyn Ells

Celtic Canine & Celtic Boar
By Carolyn Ells

These miniature rugs were punch-hooked by Carolyn Ells in 2012. They were adapted from a Dover copy-free design and hooked with Paternayan wool on weavers cloth; size 6” x 4”.

Picture frame by Lorayne Charenko

Cheticamp Style Picture Frame

By Lorayne Charenko

This frame was a kit from Stella Bourgeois. Stella was a member of our group for a short while and gave this as a course on Cheticamp type hooking.  The kit contained the pattern, very fine yarn and a hook made by Stella.  The result - the pretty picture frame. Some years later Jeanne Osler was travelling in Nova Scotia and stopped at the museum in Cheticamp. She mentioned Stella having taught this course and they immediately took her upstairs and gave her a tour of the museum and had her hook a few stitches in a rug they were making! She was most impressed.

Welcome Rug by Isabelle Rollin

Welcome Rug
By Isabelle Rollin

This is a Rittermere design with some changes of my own.  A # 4 cut wool rug with a whipped border.

Knapsack by Lois Morris

By Lois J. Morris

I made the knapsacks in the 70's.  I designed them myself, I made one for each of my children when we belonged to a ski club.  We skied Saturdays and Sundays each weekend, and always had extra stuff we had to take with us, Including  lunch.  They were backed with denim.  The shoulder straps were made out of a heavy canvas like cotton I dyed to match the background of the hooked fronts. One was yellow the other was green.They both had the same pattern but I hooked the design in different colours as well as the backgrounds. They got a lot of use over a number of years. Both children still have them.

Sunflower and Cat, by Claire Fradette

By Claire Fradette

The bags I made were all made on burlap bags from the dollar store with a 6 cut wool. I find them great for gifts.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Festive Hook-In

Christmas Hook-In

Our Christmas Hook-In was a huge success. President Ti Seymour set up her photo booth and as you can see members had a hilarious time!! We had a gift exchange, delicious food and wonderful company!  

Here you have some images. Visit our Facebook Page to see all the 50 pictures! Follow this link:

Guild Christmas Party 2016 Photo Album

View of the room

Xmas 2016

Xmas 2016

Xmas 2016
Kay Cousineau and Sally Perodeau

Ti Seymour and a Viking!

Carmen and Claire

Jeanne Osler, Brenda Ticehurst and Lorayne Charenko

The cutest couple: Isabelle and Jacques

Sunday, December 4, 2016

International Hook-In Day at Martintown

Martintown Wild and Woolly Rug Hookers Hook-In

Eastern Ontario with Beaconsfield Celebrate the International Day of Rug Hooking

By Laura Boszormeny & Dawna Matthew

Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters Guild & Martintown Wild and Woolly Rug Hookers

What a wonderful day! Beaconsfield Hooking Crafters came up with the idea of celebrating our craft with the rest of the hooking community on this special day for all rug hookers worldwide.
Martintown Wild and Woolly Rug Hookers provided the venue at the Martintown Community Centre, a central location north of Cornwall. The two branches huddled and organized a terrific day in Area One. There were 30 rug hookers in attendance, both male and female, young and old, with Rideau Valley Boots and Baskets, Prescott Hoops and Hooks and the 1000 Islanders represented as well. The meal was graciously provided by Martintown (4 different soups and rolls) and Beaconsfield (the sweet table), plus plenty of coffee and tea flowing all day to go along with the chatter.

New friends were made and longtime friendships rekindled. Newbies to experienced, the fun and laughter was shared- visiting, with not a lot of loops pulled but a varied and inspirational Show and Tell to keep us hooking afterward. Ideas were exchanged, help given, as well as two draws, a 50-50 and a hooking gift basket full of wool and other treasures.

Everyone went home with a warm, happy feeling that this should become an annual event in our area. There are already plans afoot for Monday, December 4, 2017, with Beaconsfield hosting. Thanks to our wonderful hosts this year and for starting a new tradition in Area 1.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Xmas Trees at Beaconsfield Library

We were asked again this year to participate in the Beaconsfield “Decorate Your Library” event. Thanks to the city of Beaconsfield for including our Guild and thanks to Mary for producing such a lovely Christmas Tree. The two-foot Christmas Tree would be displayed in the Library through the Holiday season.

Mary and her magic touch at work